We Need More Glasses!

Past President President Walter Griffin reported on the eyeglass collections so far this year at the annual meeting. Right now we are about 100,000 pair of glasses below the number we had collected last year. Walter is currently on a trip to deliver eyeglasses to Nogales Arizona to drop off glasses for upcoming missions to Mexico. On his way back he will make a run through Southern California to collect glasses from clubs and district who are storing them for us down there.

We should see the increase in collections from Eyes Across California in this load. Hopefully this will bring our numbers up closer to where we were last year. This year has been a good one for increasing the number of collection boxes throughout California and Nevada. If folks continue to monitor those boxes and collect the glasses this will increase our numbers.

A number of Costco’s and Wal Mart stores have also been coming back to Lions in Sight and allowing us to put collection boxes in their stores. These can be great sources as long as we continue to check the boxes. Sometimes one of the stores near us fills up in about a week!

Lions Recycle for Sight

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