Two Upcoming Fundraisers

We have one upcoming upcoming fundraiser that benefit Lions in Sight and other local charities


Mark September 15th on your calendar for Dr.  Demshar’s annual “Summerfest.” This party is at the Demshar’s in Stockton and is $35 per person. It features vendors donating wine, rum, lemoncello, cheeses, sausages, tequila tastings and much much more. Live music and a silent auction are part of  this fundraiser for Lions In Sight and two other nonprofits that Dr. Demshar provides eyecare for We will have more to come as we get closer to the event.

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Clinic Openings

If you are interested in going on a Lions in Sight mission in 2018 note that all clinics are full at this time. If you are interested in going on a trip please check for the latest updates on the website. If you are interested as going as a tech please contact Dr. Bill Iannaccone and if you are a doctor please contact Dr. Demshar.


Please let them know if you are interested in going on a future mission as we sometimes get cancellations and we just might find an opening for you! Please remember that Lions from our member clubs have priority in going on missions.

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Upcoming Clinics

If you are interested in being a technician on any of the clinics please contact PID Bill Iannaccone at If you are a doctor and are interested in going on a clinic mission please contact Dr. John Demshar at .


If you are interested in going on a clinic that looks like it is full, please contact the appropriate person and let them know. We do have cancellations and clinic spots come open every once and a while. It is always best to plan a clinic trip in advance as the air fare is usually much lower when you book in advance.


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New Clinic Missions Posted

The new schedule for 2018 has recently been posted. We have 9 clinics to Mexico and one each to Panama, Albania and El Salvador

The way the weeklong clinics are normally set up is for the group to arrive on Saturday or Sunday, work Monday and Tuesday, rest and sightsee on Wednesday then work on Thursday and Friday. On the 4 day Mexico clinics arrival is late Thursday afternoon or early evening ,work Friday and Saturday and then return on Sunday.

On either the 4 day or weeklong clinics travel can be extended after the clinic to sightsee.


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Recent and Upcoming Clinics

Thus far we have completed 7 clinics. Almost 8000 patients have been examined and 37 Doctors and 68 technicians have participated.

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New Lensometers Recommended

At the Executive Board meeting we recommended the purchase of five new lensometers for use at the prisons and warehouse. These will be the newest machines, capable of reading progressive bifocals as well as any other eyeglasses we receive.


Three of the machines will replace the older models at Avenal Prison, one is slated for Lancaster Prison and the last one is going to the warehouse to replace the one there that is now being used in a prison, replacing one that broke.


We will also be getting new machines with the new prison that is coming on line in Nevada. Those are being covered by a grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation.

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President Willie C Fields

At the annual meeting on Saturday June 9th Lions in Sight elected Past District Governor Willie C. Fields of Nevada as their President.  Willie was the District Governor of Nevada in 2004-2005 and has served on the board of Lions in Sight for years and has been active in eyeglass collection in the Las Vegas area.

Willie is  the first president of Lions in Sight from Nevada. The Sovereign Silver State has always been active in eyeglass collection and has had a number of Lions going on missions over the years. In the past the distance from the warehouse and office has been an issue. In the electronic age this is no longer a problem.

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We Need More Glasses!

Past President President Walter Griffin reported on the eyeglass collections so far this year at the annual meeting. Right now we are about 100,000 pair of glasses below the number we had collected last year. Walter is currently on a trip to deliver eyeglasses to Nogales Arizona to drop off glasses for upcoming missions to Mexico. On his way back he will make a run through Southern California to collect glasses from clubs and district who are storing them for us down there.

We should see the increase in collections from Eyes Across California in this load. Hopefully this will bring our numbers up closer to where we were last year. This year has been a good one for increasing the number of collection boxes throughout California and Nevada. If folks continue to monitor those boxes and collect the glasses this will increase our numbers.

A number of Costco’s and Wal Mart stores have also been coming back to Lions in Sight and allowing us to put collection boxes in their stores. These can be great sources as long as we continue to check the boxes. Sometimes one of the stores near us fills up in about a week!

Lions Recycle for Sight

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Annual Meeting Report

Currently being worked on.

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2018clinic missions

See Vision Clinics then Clinic missions on the front page of the website.

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