LIS WarehouseThe Lions In Sight Warehouse is located at 1404 Lemon Street in Vallejo, CA. It has been remodeled and enlarged since the fire in 2001. The warehouse is staffed by Lions volunteers and it is generally open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm most week days. PDG Walter Griffin is the Warehouse Manager.

Lions Lee and Maggie Gile supervise the Receiving Department at the Warehouse. Lion Ray Petersen of West Berkeley Lions Club also works in the Receiving Department on Thursdays. It is best to call the warehouse at 707-648-2306 to insure that it is open to receive shipments.

Lions Carl Langhorst and Robbie Robinson supervise the Shipping/Distribution Department. They sort and box eyeglasses for clinic missions and distribution to Lions In Sight Permanent Clinics and other non-governmental/nonprofit organizations around the world.

We need more volunteers in order to maintain the Monday through Friday hours. So if you would like to volunteer, please call the warehouse.

Clubs are encouraged to come as a group to sort glasses. Weekend days can be arranged to accommodate groups that cannot make it on weekdays. The warehouse staff will provide food and drink, will work you hard and send you home smiling.

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