Clinic Missions

Nepali Clinic

Nepali Clinic

Lions In Sight typically conducts 10 – 12 clinic missions per year. The majority of the clinic missions are weekend missions to one of the nine Lions Districts in Mexico. Clinic locations are different each year.

Lions In Sight has conducted over 270 clinic missions in 37 countries and has helped over 292,000 people improve their vision and their lives.
If you are interested in participating on an LIS clinic mission, please email Dr. John Demshar at or PID Bill Iannaccone at This will be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.


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2017 Clinic Mission Schedule
(*Team Leader)
January 19-22
Campeche City
Campeche City Airport
700 patients examined
*Corina Van De Pol
David Boniface
Joel Jenkins
Maricela Robles
Tamara Foster
Elia Boniface
Jean Madigan
Caroline VanDePol
February 16-19
Aquascaliente city airport
760 patients examined
*Amber McIntosh
Robert Cooper
Robert Meisel
Gary Shute
Ted Barcelon
Shelly Perri
Stephanie Clark
Gary Hudgeons
Martin Levesque
Nicolas Versaillles
Edith Metayer
Susie Murray
March 11-18
El Salvador
San Salvador Airport
2200 patient examined
*Sarit Catchatoorian
Mark McLain
Bach Kim Nguyen
Bill Iannaccone
Paul Wagner
Zaira Duncan
John Robak
Fred George
Cass Cara
Tuyet White
Katrina White
May 18-21
Cabo San Lucas
Los Cabos Airport
670 patients examined
*John Demshar
Ann Chau
Alice Au
Joyce Wei

Dan Macdonnell
Graham Forder
Dolores Cueva
Mitch Gronner
John Hammond
Dave Mitchell
Bill Seawell
Shirley Twitchell
June 15-18

Merida City Airport
Patients examined 992
*David Boniface
Bach Kim-Nguyen
Brett Miller
Vivian Trieu
Guadalupe Rocha (Student)
Elia Boniface
Jade Anh To
Kurt To
Audry To
Nga Mi Duong
Don Huddleston
Lana Stashchak
Jeanette Farias
Daniela Lotze
Radhika Patel (Student)
Beth Lockamy
Brittany Phillips
July nothing scheduled
August 17-20

Rincon de Romos
838 patientsexamined
Bob Meisel
Mark McLain
Melody Tavakoli
Cynthia Huang (Student)
Sara Langill
Ted Fichter
Rosina Dirrane
James Lee
Leanne Hamaji
Marc Hamaji
Tamara Sternod
Larry Winkler
Brent Waterman
Tina Nguyen (Student)
Bobby Horner
September 2-9

Panama City Airport
4344 patients examined
2500 by LIS
1844 by Panama Docs
*Art Low
Jenifer Bossert
Gene Johnson
Negan Nikahd
Susan Kim
Chetan Soni (Thurs-Fri)

John Robak
Barbara Renteira
Ryan Low
Ed Pansullo
Margaret Price
Tilak Sunar
Barbara Wendel
Staci Chan
Anshul Soni (Thurs-Fri)
Chris Morris
Lee Morris
Joyce Musielak
Jim Musielak
October 5-8
Rio Verde
San Luis Potosi Airport
*Mark McLain
Chetan Soni
Tim Coughlin
Sue Gordon

Doris Eagle
Lana Stashchak
Sonia Razo
Rick Stubblefield
Pat Porterfield
Paul Wagner
November 4-11

Nepal Cancelled

John Demshar
Bob Meisel