Lions Recycle for SightLions In Sight needs your help to continue its work in developing nations around the world. You can help by donating your:

  • used eyeglasses
  • hearing aids
  • ink cartridges
  • cellular phones

If you own a business, you can help by becoming a dropoff location for used eyeglasses.

You can also help by becoming a member of Lions In Sight. Click >here< to download a membership form. With your help and contributions, children will be able to learn better at school, adults will be more productive and thus contribute to their nation’s economy and seniors can have increased independence and a sense of well-being. Please send your used eyeglasses, hearing aids, ink cartridges, cellular phones, checks and membership applications to: Lions In Sight 1404 Lemon Street Vallejo, CA 94590 To donate eyeglasses locally, or become an eyeglass dropoff location, please contact your local Lions Club, or call our warehouse at (707) 648-2306. To support our mission financially you may donate online by clicking >here<, or by mailing a check to the postal address shown above. Our Taxpayer ID# is 68-0252878. Click >here< to view our Guidestar page to see IRS Form 990 filing history. Registration (free) required.